My Very First Birth Story - Houston, Tx

I just got back from shooting my very first birth story and oh my goodness, was it amazing! I was a nervous wreck at first but once I got there and saw my beautiful client take part in such an incredible miracle; nerves went right out the window and I fell in love with the world of birth photography.

I contacted my client months ago regarding a potential portfolio shoot. After Katherine, I was fascinated by the process of becoming a mommy that I knew that eventually I would want to give birth photography a try. She agreed and together we talked about images that would capture her day perfectly.

I went straight to my photography friends and asked for advice to make this, the best experience ever. They gave me tips on gear, labor, shots, etc. I took all that in (or as much as I could anyway) and made the changes necessary to make this birth story everything it could be. I bought a full frame camera instead of my crop sensor, I purchased a wide angle lens (the 35mm 2.0 to be exact) and studied about lighting, emotion, etc. I practiced on my camera every day until one day I found myself shooting in complete darkness - yes, 6D, you rock!

I am on such a high right now, I absolutely loved being a part of such a sweet day. My client labored like a champ and after 16 hours of labor she delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy. She is absolutely remarkable and I am in complete awe of what women can do. I am so excited to share their session but for now I just had to write this post - can you tell I am on cloud 9?!