Our New Loyalty and Referral Program!

I am so excited to announce our new Loyalty and Referral Program! Last month I was looking for a new and fun way to say "Thank You" to our customers for always being such great cheerleaders of Alex White Photography. In my search I found not one but TWO ways, so I decided to combine them and make it into the new Loyalty and Referral Program.

The Loyalty Program: This is the perfect way to earn credit for being in front of the lens. Every session you book and complete will now earn you a "punch." For every 4 sessions you will receive the 5th one for FREE! This applies to both mini and full sessions (each one has a separate card), so your favorite type of session will be on us. How great is that? It's the frequent flyer miles of photography!! 

The Referral Program: This is my way to say "THANK YOU" for spreading the word. Each time a new client books and completes a session with your recommendation, you and they will receive one of the great rewards below. The best part is that you can take advantage of the referral program as often as you like! These rewards are unlimited and may be combined to earn you big discounts towards your next full or mini session. 

Once your session is complete and your photos have been delivered, you will receive your personal loyalty card (if you are a first time client) as well as referral cards to pass along to your friends and family.  The referral cards include all of the information regarding Alex White Photography as well as the rewards given; however, if your friends and family hear about us from a phone call, conversation, text, Facebook, etc we will make it count! Just make sure they mention your name at time of booking and you both will be eligible for the reward. 

Thank you so much for being such great supporters of Alex White Photography, it truly means the world to me! I hope you take advantage of and like our new Loyalty and Referral Program as much as I do. I am so excited for it and especially happy to see my current and future clients - I can hardly wait!! 

alexwhitephoto photographyreferralprogram.jpg